Coming Fall 2009

Terrible Secrets of the Tell-All Club
By Catherine Stier
Albert Whitman & Company Publishers

No one at school had ever thought up a club like this. All you had to do to be in it was answer some questions and share them with the rest of the club. Questions like: What is your favorite salad dressing? Who is your BFF? What was your most embarrassing moment?

There were plenty of reasons to be in the Tell-All Club. Kiley, T.J., Josh, and Anne each had a different motivation: One of them wanted to fit in, one wanted revenge, one had something to hide, and one of them was dying to find out another’s secret.
Told in four different viewpoints, this funny, touching novel explores friendship, social pressures, bullying, and other anxieties of ‘tween girls and boys alike.

My Book in Braille

Recently the National Braille Press selected If I Ran For President to offer in a Braille format for their children’s book club. The book is also available to purchase in this format at their website at
These books have both the original text and illustrations, as well as the identical text in Braille on transparent plastic sheets.

And a National Braille Press Book Signing, Too

A big thank you to the National Braille Press for the invitation to appear at a book signing at their booth at the Texas Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired conference held at the Sheraton Gunter in San Antonio on March 27, 2009. I enjoyed myself, met some wonderful people, and learned quite a bit about available resources.

Quite an Inauguration Day Honor

This week, on Inauguration Day, Lackland Air Force Base’s Lackland School in San Antonio invited me for a visit as Guest Author. What an honor to celebrate such an exciting, historic, eventful day with a group of bright and enthusiastic students!

I have also learned that several schools, home school programs and libraries have featured If I Were President and If I Ran for President as part of their lesson plans, Election Day or Inauguration Day observances and recommended reading lists. It is quite wonderful to know that parents, teachers and librarians are sharing these books with kids all over our country! I hope these books help young people to better understand the electoral process and the challenging and important job of President of the United States.

If you have introduced these books to kids, I’d love to hear about it! Send me a note at
To check out one cool lesson plan idea from Social Studies and the Young Learner visit:

The Big Move!

I am in the process of updating my website to include news of my new location. This summer, I relocated from the Chicago area to South Texas, on the edge of the beautiful Hill Country.